1 Min boss


Hello and welcome to 1MinBoss.Com. This website is a project I've started in hope to give all who needs training on their software. I will be covering each tools and functions based on your needs in 1 minute time and that's a promise. I've also have other full details courses where it will be more than 1 minute so be sure to check those out as well.

I'm also available for Online and Offline training, so feel free to reach out to me for further enquiries. Have a nice day!

Group photo with one of my earlier classes after 2 days session of Microsoft Excel

Trainer Profile

JONG TZE SHIEN is a HDRF Certified Trainer (TTT/23862) and has been in the IT and networking industry for more than 10 years. He started off as a Business Administrator which gave him full time experience and exposure in business start-ups and the selling industry. Backed up by his educational qualification and with extensive working experience, these have brought him into the business of developing and hosting websites. Apart from that, Jong Tze Shien also develops mobile Apps.

Furthermore, his success in the networking field has made him a coach to Ebay Malaysia for 4 years whereby he gave talks and seminars to participants who wanted to sell their products or start their business on Ebay. In addition to training, Jong Tze Shien also specializes in delivering Microsoft Office, Macromedia and Adobe especially in websites development.

He strongly believes in the importance of staying up to date with new technology which gets better, faster and easier to use by the day. Jong Tze Shien is renowned for his approachable, self – driven personality and relaxed style of training delivery and he always aims to deliver in a clear and simple manner to his participants, to enable them to understand better and apply the skills learnt in training. He is able to deliver his training well in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.

Side Note

In order to manage our courses effectively, we will be using Google Classroom for all the courses. So be sure to install it to access our resources. BTW all courses available here are free :)